Affiliate Sales:

Any posts from before February 2020, that contain affiliate links are either for the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, or the Wordery affiliate program. These are affiliate advertising programs that is designed to allow bloggers to earn fees by linking to products on or and other affiliated sites.

The fees we get through the affiliate program do not cost you anything extra – they are paid by Amazon/Wordery if you buy things we recommend.

We only link to products and books that I truly believe in.

Any money we earn through affiliate sales helps keep the site going, and help our families.

Thank you for your support!

However – we have decided for the time being not to continue using affiliate links because we want to encourage our readers to support their libraries, charity shops and local book shops. From February 2020 and until further notice, none of our links will be affiliate links, and will direct you to a place where you can get more information about the thing we are telling you about, whether it is a book, digital or physical item.

We will continue our commitment to only highlight things that we believe are worth your time, and still appreciate your support of the site.