Reminder – Home Ed Kids and the Flu Vaccine

Reminder - Home Ed Kids and the Flu Vaccine

It’s that time again – the latest flu vaccine is available for children from 2 to 11 years old and all school age children are offered it within school.

But for most home educators, we don’t get that sort of direct reminder. So here is one from us – If you want to have your children vaccinated against the likeliest strains of flu this winter, ring up your GP and book an appointment to get them vaccinated.

In my experience there may be some mild surprise when you book them in, (and a reminder that they should get it at school,) and probably the same surprise when you turn up at the surgery with your school age children. But you are home educating, and your local GP surgery nurse is the closest thing you have to a school nurse. And given that GP surgeries are where 2-3 year olds are getting their flu vaccinations, that is where home educated children can be vaccinated too.

You can find out more information from the website page on flu vaccines for children.

(PS. Any anti-vaccination comments will be deleted on any or all of our social media accounts. This is not an invitation to debate. HomeEdVoices supports autistic people and the people who love them, and anyone with compromised immunity.)

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