Happy Mothering Sunday you amazing HE mums!

Dear Home Ed Mums,

We think you’re amazing for all that you do…ya know, the lesson planning, appointment keeping, chauffeuring, meal planning, housework, and side-hustling (alongside all of the cuddling, laughing, mediating, cajoling, first-aiding and more of course).

We also know the world is a little crazy right now.  Whether your planning pages are suddenly looking bare and sad, or you’re filling those gaps with big, involved projects at home, we want to help lift your spirits by making it easier for you to treat yourself to a little something to perk up that planner.  We want to be able to gift every one of you something beautiful and useful that serves as a reminder that we see, empathise with, and appreciate your heroic efforts.

We approached some amazing Etsy creators, based right here in the UK, with our wish and they have all been so generous in their offerings.  We hope you find something that speaks to your own personal style and that these discount codes encourage you to treat yourself.  You deserve it, mama.

~Happy Mothering Sunday from the Home Ed Voices team

Hazy Days UK
“MOTHERSDAY” for 20% off everything, no minimum order, Sunday and Monday

The Ginger Cat Co.
“TREATYOURSELF” for 20% off everything, no minimum order, Sunday and Monday

Dorky Planner Girls
“HOMEED” for 10% off everything, no minimum order, good until 31st March 2020

Pochik Arts
“10FOR10” for 10% off orders of £10 or more, good until the end of March

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