HOME ED VOICES PODCAST – EP33 Jay Byrd from BeanLearning.com

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The Home Ed Voices Podcast is a UK-based Home Education Podcast that profiles the lives of home ed families.  You can find out more about the podcast here.

This week I’m chatting with Jay Byrd from @beanlearning. We talk about  what it’s like being a second generation home educator and home education in the UK in the 90’s. Jay tells us about her passion for project based learning and gentle parenting, and we talk about Bean Learning which offers UK based online video groups and classes for home educated children and home educating adults.

Show Notes:

Find sessions to try at Bean Learning Drop In Week 31st May – 6th June 2021

Sign up – BeanLearning – Intro to Managing Conflict: Effective Communication for Families on Wednesday 9th June (8pm-9pm GMT) Free

Get in touch with Jay about Project Based Learning Mentoring

BeanLearning Home Ed Chat Group information.

Information about the Art Award system

Project Based Homeschooling by Lori Picket

You can find Jay on instagram @bean.learning, beanlearning.com and on facebook.

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