Hey home edder, What do you need from Home Ed Voices right now?

Lovely people we need your help! The pandemic has thrown a lot of things into the air, and we really want to continue writing and recording things that are useful to you.
So we would be really grateful if you would take a moment to comment and tell us how HomeEdVoices can help you right now.

Would you like more podcasts like we usually make?

Would you like to hear stories about the good, bad and ugly of life for home ed families during this pandemic?

Would you like more resources or ideas? (or are you drowning in them?)

Would you like words of encouragement and hope?

(We are struggling with this right alongside you, so none of this will come from a place of greater knowledge or superiority.)

Submissions are open if you’d like to write something yourself.

Interview slots are open if you want to be on the podcast.

Come talk to us in the comments!

(Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash)

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