Big Holiday Gift Guide 2019

In case you need some ideas for what to bring into your home this Christmas, here are a selection of things that we are Home Ed Voices really love:

(psst. None of these links are affiliate links. Prices correct on 22/11/19)

Advent Calendar:

Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar 2019 (via JacquieLawson $5)

We have been getting these advent calendars for the last 5-6 years and they have been so much fun that we all really look forward to them. There is a great mixture of mini games, animations, puzzles and little drag and drop decorating activities that unlock as the month progresses. The animated scene changes throughout December, and everything is accompanied by beautifully sung traditional Christmas carols and classical music. Well worth the money, and cheaper (and way more fun) that three chocolate advent calendars I’d probably be buying instead.

Board Games:

Diamant board game (via Zazu £20.40)

A strategy-free game suitable for all ages. Take a risk or cash out before your luck runs out!

Tumble Tree game (via Zatu £11.50)

Another game suitable for all ages with very simple and easy to follow rules. 

Cortex Challenge game (via Zatu £8.56)

Test your memory, speed, logic and reasoning, and maze solving skills where the fastest player wins a piece of brain. Win 4 pieces to win the game. A family favourite.

Gravity maze Thinkfun Gravity Maze – Falling Marble Logic Maze Game (via TheToyShop £24.99)

A fabulous one player game of strategy, reasoning, and visual perception. Arrange the towers to ensure the marble can go from A to B. Another firm favourite in our house.

Colour Brain Game (via JohnLewis £24.99)

One of the easiest trivia games to learn. Suitable for all ages but geared more towards those who are 12+ What colours make up the five Olympic rings? How about on the Moroccan flag? Answer using the colour cards.

Mega-Tastic Challenges Game – David Walliams (via WickedUncle £14.95)

A fun paced, family game from David Walliams. Collect characters and complete a challenge to win the game.

Sushi Go (via Zazu £8.99)

We really love this game, and it’s great for playing with friends.

Sushi Roll (via Zazu £18.89)

I haven’t played this game yet, but if you are a sushi go fan this is worth checking out.

Fun Educational Things:

Pocket microscope (via Amazon £15.46)

These are great for taking along on nature walks, as well as using at home, and are easy to use. A powerful pocket microscope with a torch. Perfect for hours of nature study in the woods or your garden.

Curiosity Stream (free for 7 days, $2.99 a month, or $19.99 a year subscription)

A must-have subscription for nature lovers! Find documentaries on science, technology, history, and nature. Be sure to watch Conversations with Dolphins if you sign up.

Electrical Kit: Circuits (from Amazon £29.99)

Use the instruction guide to create circuits or mix and match to make your own. Hours of fun for the whole family.

Glow in the dark Constellation Globe (via FindMeAGift £29.99)

Use this globe for Geography in the daytime and Science at night. A great accompaniment to the Star-to-Star book above. 

Scratch Off Map of The World (via Amazon £14.97)

A fun and engaging way to keep track of all your travels – virtual or actual.

World Excavation Kit (via TheWorks £7)

A fantastic gift for budding archeologists (or kids who love using tools and making a mess).

Dig & Discover 4-in-1 Excavation Kit (via B&M £12.99)

A set of 4 themed excavations: Golden Nuggets, Artefacts of Egypt, Gemstone Minerals, and T-Rex.

Little Brian Paint Sticks (via Amazon £14.99)

These paint sticks are low mess and give a great finish and bright colours. There are wonderful for all ages. I pull them out when I can’t face messy art.

Little Brian Mini Paint Sticks (via Amazon £8.25)

The same but smaller!

Little Brian Face Paint Sticks (via Amazon £9.95)

I haven’t tried these yet but my kids are getting them this year.

Cabin Pressure the complete collection (via Amazon £32.50 or £10.50 per series on Audible.)

Cabin Pressure is a fantastic Radio 4 comedy by John Finnemore, about the crew of a small private charter plane. It’s very funny, and full of brilliant performances. It has started tons for great conversations in our house – about geography, plot structure, character arcs, and silly games. It has also made long car trips so much more fun. We love it so much.

The Magical Land of Yeld (via DriveThruRPG $11)

We have been exploring this accessible table top RPG game as part of our home education this half term, and while it is taking a while to learn the ins and outs of the game we are having a great time flexing our storytelling and role play muscles. You only need six-sided dice to play, which makes it easy to get started.

Play silks (via MyriadOnline £16.99 per silk)

Play silks are expensive but they can be used in so many ways. Ours still get used by our 11 year old, so they have given us about 8 years of play.

Wireless Headphones (via Amazon £20.99)

Easy to connect, great quality wireless headphones that are comfortable and pretty sturdy.

Lava Lamp (via Argos £30)

Invite the stunning Northern Lights into your bedroom. The colours are so beautiful and mesmerising.

Interactive Glow in the Dark Tee (via WickedUncle £15.95)

Let your budding artists share their creations with the world with these cool draw on t-shirts. Each design lasts about 5 minutes before fading away, ready to be used again.

Sudoku Rubics Cube (via FindMeAGift £4.49)

A mind-boggling twist on the Rubik’s cube. A great stocking filler for all ages.

Foil Engraving Kit (via HobbyCraft £4)

Another great stocking filler. Perfect for keeping little hands busy during read aloud time.

Star to Star dot to dot book (via Amazon £6.79)

A challenging, but beautiful, constellation dot-to-dot book. 

Books and Book things:

Book light (via Waterstone £6.99)

Avoid sibling squabbles about the light being on at bedtime with this nifty little light that clips onto the back of the book. 

Astrid the Unstoppable by Maria Parr (via Wordery £5.23)

This is was my favourite readaloud of 2019, and it led on to us reading Heidi because that story features heavily in this book. A great winter read.

Giants Beware! by Rafeal Rosado and Jorge Aguirre (via Wordery £9.67)

This is the first of three graphic novels, following Claudette as she becomes the hero she has always wanted to be, helped by her brother and best friend. These books are great fun, full of fantastic characters and has a really satisfying arc. My 9 year old loves these books so much and always recommends them to other people.

LumberJanes (via Wordery £7ish per collection – there are 12 Volumes so far.)

These are still on my ‘to read’ pile but my kids love them.

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