Breathing out when ‘everyone else’ is breathing in

It must be Public Service Announcement season here at home ed voices.  Katie is reminding you to get your flu shot to preserve your physical health and now I’m reminding you to look after your mental health.  It’s that transitional time of year again.  Except for this year the FOMO may be extreme if you’re choosing to eschew organised activities.  If you’re not, the lack of options may be equally maddening as restrictions make many home ed activities moot.  Autumn may not be just a rough transition this year so much as a big ol’ spanner in the works!

You can still make the season special even if you’re taking things slow

If you’re not taking a deep breath in to dive deep into the autumn flurry of activity this year and you’re feeling out of sorts, welcome to the club!  As per last year’s PSA, you can still make this season enjoyable and restorative with some seasonal reading, baking and handicrafts.

Focus on health over education

But of course, this year is different.  This year kids have more needs and these may be in direct opposition to your needs.  It’s a bit like being thrust back into the toddler years and you’re so tired but your newly mobile little buddy just go, go, goes!

Summer was not the restorative season it usually is for many families.  You may need to breathe out this autumn as you walk the fine balance of everyone’s needs in a socially responsible way that doesn’t wear you down.  The focus this autumn really needs to be on our health over our education.  Let’s face it, everyone is going to be all over the shop with regards to their education after this.  But we can save the NHS a lot of bother not just tomorrow but years from now if we look after ourselves today.  And I don’t just mean wash your hands and wear your mask (but yes, do that). I mean tune out the social media noise about what autumn should be and focus on what you need it to be. 

Don’t worry, you’re not missing out

You may feel off breathing out when it feels like everyone else is breathing in again and beginning anew for this season.  First, that’s not true, it’s social media magic.  Second, it’s not what you normally do/ not how you normally feel so yes you will feel off and rightly so.  But it won’t last forever.  Take comfort in the fact that you’re doing the right thing for your family. 

Plus, you’re really not missing anything.  Take it from someone who purposely tunes out the Facebook HE groups every autumn – there is nothing you can’t jump into later, when you’re ready.  Take your breath.  It’s going to be ok.

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