Interesting Stuff – June/July 2021

Photo by Kai Bossom on Unsplash

This blog post does not contain affiliate links because we think you should borrow books from your library if you can, or get them second hand or from where ever you personally want to buy books. Not just amazon because it might make us some money. You can read more about our affiliate policy here.

June is nearly over, but NurtureStores five day unit study for Pride is always relevant.

@Read_theRainbow has a unit study on Summer Solstice in Africa & Saving the West African Giraffe (All proceeds made from this unit study will be donated to Explorers Against Extinction, 21 for 21 project!) has a new ebook out called The Fundamentals of Play: Art Materials.

@the.CreativityProject have three new Summer Camp Guides available. (I have the first three from last year, and they are full of great craft and art ideas for toddlers to tweens.)

@bean.learning are starting an in person consent-based learning setting in Bristol from September! You can get all the details here.

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