Interesting Stuff – March 2021

Alberta Stevens from Homegrown Sonshine has a podcast!

Why We “Sabotage” Our Precious Little Alone Time as Mothers by Beth Berry from Revolution From Home

I Dwell in Possibility by Patricia Zaballos – including this quote that made me cry:

“I’m 55. I kind of gave up some of the best professional years of my life (to homeschool.) I could have been doing something else but I did this. So the question I’m exploring in this memoir isn’t was it worth it? because I know it was worth it. My question is, what did it do? For the kids? For me?

I’ve waited a very long time to have this part of my professional life happen. I think that’s going to be part of my story: what happens when some things in life happen late for you?”

I’m sure I was talking with my hands when I said this. Because I do that.

And Megan said, “Let me be clear. The best professional years of your life are right fucking now. Until the day you die.”

I Dwell in Posibility by Patricia Zaballos

58 Things to Do With the Rest of Lockdown that Aren’t Get Hot from Vice (this is US centric but I think there is some good stuff here.)

And while we’re on the subject I feel that I need to remind you that Burnout by Emily and Amelia Nagoski is a fantastic book about women (and non-binary people) and stress. The chapter on ‘The New Hotness’ is worth reading if the chatter about ‘getting hot ‘post pandemic’ is getting you down.

Finally, a piece of good news for Trans people in the UK via The Good Law Project – Our parental consent case against the Tavistock has succeeded.

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