Interesting Stuff – The October 2019 Roundup

Interesting Stuff – The October 2019 Roundup This blew the top off my head. Cancel culture isn’t actually a thing (via just good shit) Completely delightful and makes me wonder if there is something similar somewhere in the UK? (Also thekidshouldseethis is really great and worth checking out. We use it in our morning time every week.) This is a great clip from the Spy in the Wild BBC series, which is well worth finding at your library or on line. Penguins: Spy in the Huddle by the same people is a family favourite. An amazing book list and call to arms against grumblings that books were better in the ‘old days’. (Via Shannon Hale’s twitter a/c) From Kate – One for the October links post. She asked this phenologist the shittiest part of her job and she starts crying about collecting data on climate change, SEEING how real it is and what shit we’re in and yet in the States they’re still having the ‘is climate change real?’ arguement.

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