Interesting Stuff – The November 2019 Roundup

The corridor crew is a youtube channel run by special effects artists, talking about special effects and stunts. This video includes behind the scenes on Kingsman 2, Solo, and anime, and is packed full of black excellence.

(Note: great for pre-teens and teens, but worth watching beforehand as some clips are from films rated 18. I love this channel but I haven’t been showing it to my 11 year old. ymmv.)

@mrswordsmithofficial on instagram

“In collaboration with Lexile and Getty Images, we’ll post academically relevant words every day to help increase a child’s reading age and ace exams, along with exciting images to capture their imaginations and make them laugh.”

Mrs Wordsmith is all about increasing children’s vocabulary. They have revamped their instagram with a word of the day format which would be easy to add into your home ed routine.

 BBC The Truth About Christmas Carols

A BBC documentary about Christmas Carols and their histories. We are going to watch it in the next couple of weeks.

Pass the Salt (longest machine ever) 

and how Pass the Salt was made. A great look into Rube Goldberg machines and how they are made.

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