Interesting Stuff – February 2021

Friend of the blog Kate Finlayson has some great posts about the state of GCSEs and iGCSEs in 2021.

This is a really good article about how Harry Potter fans are handling the fact that J K Rowling is transphobic. Useful when you believe in trans liberation and have tiny Harry Potter fans in your home. (As I do.)

Probably you don’t need more suggestions of lockdown coping skills, but maybe – like I did – you needed a reminder that coping skills are fine, and useful and you don’t have to feel shame about them.

As ever HE Byte has a good overview of what is happening with the LEA in Portsmouth and how to support the local home educators who are asking for a judical review.

And this is an old article but an interesting one, about how researchers finally worked out how to make Roman concrete.

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