Interesting Stuff September 2020

How is it time for another interesting stuff post?

Exploring the Night Sky course from Weronika Ozpolat (Multicultural Motherhood) is packed full of ideas, activities and experiments to help you share learning about the autumn night sky with your family. (The course is 50% off – £10 – till the 30th September 2020)

Coming Home is a new ebook by Camille Kirksey (The Intuitive Homeschooler), with the subtitle ‘A Quick and Practical Guide for Preparing a Mother’s Heart, Mind and Home for Homeschooling’. It is coming out on the 1st October 2020, and has three bonuses if you buy it in pre-order. (You can download a sample of the book here, and even as an experienced home educator, the contents pages have me really excited to read it!)

Good job parenting through a pandemic.

I really love Rachel Miller‘s work, and this article ‘If you’re already dreading winter, here are some small ways to prepare now‘ sets up a structure that you can adjust to your own needs. It doesn’t assume you have loads of money, and just gently suggests that you name, and attempt to solve, some of the small problems in your environment, that are likely to drive you up the wall as the season progresses.

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