Online Pantos for You to Enjoy!

Photo by Gwen O on Unsplash

Just a quick one today: has links to socially distanced, covid safe pantos being performed across the country, as well as online pantos you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

(Oh no they don’t! Oh yes they do!)

One of the big advantages of online pantos is that they are significantly cheaper and you buy a ticket per household rather that per person. The ones in the list above cost around £15-25 for the basic ticket, and many include interactive elements, and let you rewatch the performance over the Christmas period.

We are planning to watch Jack and the Beanstalk, since it’s done by the same director (Peter Duncan off of Blue Peter) who does many of the pantos we’ve enjoyed at the Playhouse in Oxford. This production was filmed in his garden over the summer, and proceeds from the panto are going to POhWer,, British Youth Music Theatre, Prost8, Scouts, and Best Beginnings.

And if they have an interval then I’m getting out the ice cream!

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