Maybe Plan for Halloween Now?

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If you don’t celebrate Halloween, we love you and hopefully we’ll have something more useful for you in the next blog post. We hope to see you there!

If you REALLY go all out for Halloween then you’re probably set, and nothing I say here is going to be of any use. We love you too, and we hope to see you back to here next time.

Right, that leaves us with the ‘Yeah we do Halloween, but not for all of October!’ people.


Halloween 2020 is probably going to be really weird, and it’ll be at least difficult, and for some, impossible to do typical things like trick or treating. So as parents, we probably need to put our heads together, and think of some things we can do that don’t rely on being around too many people.

Halloween Crafts

Dare you fall down the Pinterest hole of Halloween crafts? Bwah ha ha ha!

Can you trust yourself around the Baker Ross Halloween section? Ahhhh!!!

Or pick through the undead remains of the Hobbycraft Halloween area? Aaaarrrrggghhhhh! How is all the good stuff gone already??

Halloween Food

Again, will be overwhelmed by groaning hoards of great snack and treat idea on Pinterest? Boo!

If not, arming yourself with candy eyeballs means you can turn ordinary snacks into monstrous treats really easily! (I like to add them to just baked cookies, and call them monster cookies!)

Photo by sheri silver on Unsplash

You could also use round stickers and add them to fruit or the wrappers of snacks!

We like making satsumas into jack o’lanterns with sharpies.

Things to do on Halloween itself

If you can’t go trick or treating…

then dress up anyway and watch a spooky movie, (maybe with others over a video conference.)

Or… bag up some sweets and deliver them while in costume to nearby friends. (Reverse trick or treating!)

Or… hang bags of sweets outside your door or off your door, for people to collect.

Or… have a spooky dance party as a family, or with your friends over video conference.

Or… make a spooky treasure hunt for hidden sweets around your home.

Or… have a halloweeny version of book flood – everyone gets a spooky book and some sweets and gets to go off and creep themselves out. You don’t have to buy books for this! Use your library! Here are some great book recommendations for Halloween picture books. And here are some creepy books for older kids.

If you have any more ideas please add them to the comments and I’ll update this post with them in the next few days!

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